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Tiny “Ashley” is only a few hours old. When she was first put into your waiting arms, she seemed like a small, perfect miracle. Her relaxed, gentle breathing tells you that even now, she feels content to be loved by you!

“Ashley” is our first So Truly Real “breathing” baby doll, designed by artist Andrea Arcello. A battery-powered mechanism tucked inside the doll raises and lowers her tiny chest in a lifelike breathing pattern.

“Ashley” looks and feels so real, from her baby-soft RealTouch™ vinyl skin (our exclusive, patent-pending formula) to her delicate wisps of hand-applied baby hair. She has perfectly formed newborn features, right down to her long limbs with their tiny, hand-painted fingernails and toenails. And she’s loosely jointed to feel just like an infant in your arms.

“Ashley” comes to you in a newborn “hospital” tee shirt, cap and a little diaper, adding even more to her realism.

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